A Leap

by Didi Spaans

Image: Maksim Romashkin – Pexels

The name of this journal could not be more befitting for the journey we have collectively walked over the past few months. Writing an academic article, for many of us our first publication, it was a symbolic leap that tested our knowledge, abilities and potential. All of this in the best way possible and with an outstanding result: the first issue of LEAP is finished!

Discussing the process, writing our articles and reviewing each other’s articles all took place online, in the Leiden University’s Kaltura environment and, later, Microsoft Teams. We’ve provided critique to one another’s work, got to know each other and had a lot of laughs, which made seeing each other non-virtually for the very first time all the more special. 

A leap in more ways than one, I think I speak for all when saying that this journal has been an absolute success. 

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