The Weight of the World

by Will Boase

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In Will Boase’s ( The Weight of the World, colossal physical forms are designed using prior events to predict the future, and with time our perception of the natural shifts, until everything is the result of a calculation. Nothing may occupy space without a purpose, no space may be left empty without a reason. Our domination of nature is complete, the landscape is transformed into a machine for the protection and benefit of humanity. But variables change and algorithms reveal their limitations, and the balance shifts. Suddenly we are small, and the landscape is vast.

Will Boase works as a freelance photographer specialising in architectural and public health stories. For much of his career he has been based in Kampala, Uganda, though he is presently enrolled on the Photography and Society Master course at the Royal Academy in Den Haag. He remains a regular collaborator with the Uganda Press Photo Award (UPPA), for whom he teaches and mentors. He also works as a commercial proof-reader and copywriter for clients across the commercial and humanitarian sectors.

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