Tread Lightly

by Joris van den Einden

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“Water #2,” 2022
“Sun,” 2022

Tread Lightly is a photographic artistic research project by Joris van den Einden ( that investigates how the ecological crisis may be productively and critically aestheticized. Its images of light pollution centre on the notion of the uncanny: the experience of simultaneous recognition and estrangement. The inverted contrast and abstraction of the images interact with recognisable textures and compositions to simultaneously conjure up feelings of familiarity and foreignness.

Joris van den Einden is a Dutch photographer and filmmaker, based in The Hague. His work focuses on a reflective and critical practice of making-visible; what does it really mean to “capture” an image? What does a photograph reveal, and what does it conceal? Alongside this, his work tends to engage in the rethinking of humankind’s relations to the world around us. In film, Joris translates everyday affective experiences and confrontations into carefully written, shot and edited moving images. His video works are reminiscent of practices of diary-writing and meditation.

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