Through Wood and Wind, I Speak

by Mar Fu Qi

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Through Wood and Wind, I Speak: Taking Nature as My Guidance to be Carried Away by the Tree’s Language is inspired by the spinning limbs and spiral turns of the muscle movements in the old master paintings from the Renaissance. Mar Fu Qi ( explores the relationship between the body, self-identity and social identity. The body as a firm fleshy foundation and an elusive phenomenon at the same time. Through Wood and Wind, I Speak includes dynamic compositions, moving shadows and intertwined figures to portray the body as an unfinished, ongoing dialogue, like the eternal dance of twisted trees.

Mar Fu Qi is a Dutch/Chinese visual artist who studies Photography at Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Her practice embodies photography, film, text and performance, that explores themes such as cultural identity and human interaction in the digital modern world. She is currently following an exchange semester at London College of Communication.

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