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Introduction: Sense(s) / 1


Oscar Man, “The Sense(s) of Law: Sensationality and Sense-making of Legal Trials” / 13

Adrian Krieger, “The Sensory for Sale: A Sense of Pseudocosmopolitanism and Hyperreality in Dubai Global Village” / 31

Martijn Rem, “On Making Sense of Tradition: The Preservation of the Kakunodate Samurai District and the Portrayal of Traditional Japan” / 53

Emma Cardol, “Escaping the Eyes of Empire: Diverting and Embracing Disease Photography” / 69


REVIEW: Verónica Copello-Duque, “Trivial or Valid? On Class Conflict and Envy in Prime Video’s Cochina Envidia” / 91

Jelle Christiaans, “How Siona Verbal Aspect Structures Stories: Narratological Experience and a Sense of Suspense” / 101

Athena Stefanakou, “The (Un)Reality of Abuse in Carmen Maria Machado’s In the Dream House (2019)” / 119


INTERVIEW: Paulina Bastián Alvarado and Mahtab Fazlali, “Interview with Piet Devos: ‘We Are All Multisensory Beings’” / 137

Maaike Siemes, “Defying the Binaries of Passing in Brit Bennett’s The Vanishing Half ” / 147

Paulina Bastián Alvarado, “‘Of Course I Have a Self Here’: Migration, In-Betweenness, and Sense of Self in the Narrative Art of Lucia Berlin” / 163

Nicole Molinari, “Collective Identity in a Microstate: The Sense of National Identity in San Marino” / 179

Nicolas Turner, “Making Sense of America’s Post-War Racial Landscape: the ‘Desire for Jewishness’ in Philip Roth” / 199

List of Contributors / 219

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