List of contributors

Rajae el Morabet Belhaj is a Research Master student in History and a Master student in North American Studies at Leiden University. She is interested in media and film studies, twentieth-century African American history, Black cinema, and police brutality.

Zeno Grootenboer is a Research Master student in Asian Studies at Leiden University. Specializing in the cultural history of early modern Japan, he is currently researching political news satire in visual art around the 1868 Meiji Restoration.

Eloise Huai-Yung Huang is a Research Master student in Art, Literature and Media at Leiden University, with a specialization in literary and cultural analysis. Her research focuses on affect theory, spatial literary studies, and transculturality, as well as decolonial theories and perspectives in contemporary Anglophone literature.

Rebecca Billi is an architectural designer and creative whose research focuses on cities and the role of arts and culture in the urban context. She is currently completing her MA Arts and Culture at Leiden University, with a focus on Museum Studies.

Mikko Pekkonen is a Master student in International Relations at Leiden University. His research interests center around the paradoxes of borders and boundaries. He is currently researching the shifting narratives of boundary practices at various sites in the Arctic.

Rik J. Janssen holds a Master (cum laude) in Middle Eastern Studies from Leiden University. He is interested in the cultural, political, and social history of the Turco-Persianate world. In this context, he focuses on relations between gender, identity, militarism, nationalism, and sport. His current research examines the history of Ottoman archery.

Nicolás Vargas Varillas is a Research Master student in Latin American Studies at Leiden University. His current research examines the intersection between memory, memorialisation, and silence, specifically in rural communities in the Peruvian Andes during the Internal Armed Conflict (1980–2000).

Berkant Isaev is a Master student in Global and Comparative Philosophy at Leiden University, focusing particularly on decolonial, Marxist, Chinese, and Islamic philosophy. His current research examines decolonial violence from a phenomenological perspective.

Nicolas Turner is a PhD candidate at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society and the Graduate Editorial Assistant for LEAP. His research examines Jewish American literature in relation to the production, institutionalization, and problematization of identity in the United States during the second half of the twentieth century.

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