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Oscar Man is a Research Master student in Arts, Literature and Media at Leiden University. He is interested in East Asian Studies, Hong Kong cinema, cultural translation, and transnational cultural topics.

Adrian Krieger is a Master student in Philosophy and International Relations at Leiden University, focused on the intersection between political theory, cultural studies, sociology, and political science. His current research centers on the development of political identity, individual and collective conceptions of “the political,” and the influence of power and globality on imaginations of the world.

Martijn Rem is a Master student in Asian Studies at Leiden University, with a specialization in the History, Arts and Culture of Asia and a focus on Critical Heritage Studies. His current research focuses on heritage preservation in Japan and the concept of traditionality.

Emma Cardol is a Master student in Political History at Leiden University. Her current research is focused on humanitarian organizations in the twentieth century and ways in which they advertised their work, as well as the agency offered to minority groups within popular media. Before coming to Leiden, she completed a dual bachelor’s degree at the University of York in English Literature and History, inspiring the interdisciplinary approach of her work.

Verónica Copello-Duque is a Master student in Latin American Studies at Leiden University, with a focus on Cultural Analysis. She also holds a BA in Literary and Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam. Her research interests include affect studies, globalization studies, and contemporary Colombian literature. Her current research focuses on the relation(s) between the body and space in the representation of the racialized, migrant subject in two Colombian narratives.

Jelle Christiaans is a Research Master student in Linguistics. He also has a BA in Linguistics and Classics. He is interested in all things linguistic, but is particularly focused on how people use language to achieve their rhetorical goals in text or speech and the phenomenon of verbal aspect. He is currently co-authoring a book about verbal aspect in Classical Greek. His contribution in this issue reflects his most recent research interest: the Siona language.

Athena Stefanakou is a Master student in Literature in Society at Leiden University. Her work revolves around feminist criticism, including both literature and the visual arts. She is currently conducting research on the depictions of feminine bodily experiences in the literature and photography of three artists.

Paulina Bastián Alvarado is a Master student in Media Studies at Leiden University, specializing in Cultural Analysis, Literature and Theory. Her academic interests are centered on Latin American literature, with a particular focus on Chilean narratives written by contemporary female authors. Her current research focuses on the representation of the migratory experience and its impact on the identity of migrant women.

Mahtab Fazlali is an Iranian Master student in Literary Studies at Leiden University. Her current research offers a sensory reading of a collection of poems by two twentieth-century female poets—Hope Mirrlees and Marianne Moore—through the lens of Emmanuel Levinas’ theory of “the Self and the Other.” Exploring the relationship between the internal and the external worlds in the context of war, she argues that the senses become the best tools for a phenomenology through which people acknowledge the world.

Maaike Siemes is a Master student in American Studies and Literary Studies at Leiden University. Her academic interests focus on contemporary American literature, centering the themes of migration, social class, African American history, and (generational) trauma. Her current research concentrates on literary representations of multinational corporations and their impact on the environment.

Nicole Molinari is a Master student in European Politics and Society as part of the Václav Havel Joint Master Programme at Leiden University, Charles University, and Jagiellonian University. She holds a BA in International Sciences and European Institutions from the University of Milan. Her primary research interests are European affairs, EU institutions, and inter-institutional relations, as well as the broader social context of public opinion, which she explores in her contribution to this edition of LEAP.

Nicolas Turner is a Master student in North American Studies at Leiden University. Before coming to Leiden, he completed a BA at the University of Oxford and an MPhil at the University of Cambridge. His current research focuses on questions of racial construction in relation to identity and multiculturalism in Jewish American fiction. He also worked as the Graduate Editorial Assistant on this edition of LEAP.

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