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Introduction: (Mis)Reading Nature / 1

Maria Romanova-Hynes, “On Photographing Nature: from Mimesis to Play” / 9

Angel Perazzetta, “Fitting Years’ Worth of Trash into a Jar: Saving the Planet through Curated Consumption” / 37

Joris van den Einden, “Tread Lightly” / 65

Anthony T. Albright, “Incidents of Mirror-Travel in Emmen: Notes to Self. Or, Ghostly Demarcations, Keener Wound” / 69

Coco Swaan, “A Roadside Knit” / 91

Nathalie Muffels, “Barking, Singing, Quacking: On Human and Nonhuman Language and Those Who Speak (It)” / 95

Alicja Serafin-Pospiech, “Shifting Paradigms: The Relationship Between Nature and Humanity in Contemporary Art” / 125

Mar Fu Qi, “Through Wood and Wind, I speak” / 149

Nathalie Muffels and Angel Perazzetta, “Nature: Less Pleasant, Less Pretty and Significantly Smellier than Often Thought” / Interview with Dr Isabel Hoving / 155

Will Boase, “The Weight of the World” / 165

List of contributors / 169

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