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Whole issue Open in pdf Introduction: Sense(s) / 1 PART I: SENSE-MAKING Oscar Man, “The Sense(s) of Law: Sensationality and Sense-making of Legal … More

Introduction: Sense(s)

Open in pdf In March 20, 2023, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change delivered its “final warning” that governments must … More

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Open in pdf Oscar Man is a Research Master student in Arts, Literature and Media at Leiden University. He is interested … More

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(all items can be downloaded in PDF) Introduction: (Mis)Reading Nature / 1 Maria Romanova-Hynes, “On Photographing Nature: from Mimesis to … More


(Mis)Reading Nature Editorial team Open in PDF There was once a town in the heart of America where all life … More

Tread Lightly

by Joris van den Einden Open in PDF Tread Lightly is a photographic artistic research project by Joris van den … More